Friends! I am getting the urge to FINALLY update my website with the many albums, videos, and podcasts I have played a part in over the years… SO MUCH to sort through… Where to begin? I’m beyond stoked to share all of this with you!!

I am just a simple human, so I may need some help from you along the way. But it is my mission to create a site that draws you near, and holds you dear. I, of course, love you more than anything. Thank you for stopping here often, and clicking the links, and sharing what you dig with friends! Peace.

OTFF 2018....Success!

The 2018 One Take Film Festival has been amazing. All the filmgoers, music fans, family and friends made this such a great event. The turnout was fantastic for all the documentaries! I'm uploading all our Guy Higgins and Friends performances to my Youtube channel, for a limited time. I try to revolve what I post on that please share so people can see them while they're up....A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who shared this experience with us. Our city has so much love and support for the arts.

One Take Film Festival 2018

I am performing at this years One Take Film Festival at The Little Theatre. I'm truly honored to be a part of this new and exciting documentary film festival. This year I am reuniting with Edge of Jupiter, The Sweatshop Boys, Freeminer Birds, Dan Bell, The Walter Chatman Experience, members of Barbarosa, and many more musicians, writing and arranging music to accompany 9 out of 10 documentaries at the festival. This has been a ton of fun and hard work to make music that sets the mood, and fits the sentiment of these films. All-access passes to the fest are only $80, or $65 for seniors/students/members of the Little & The Rochester Documentary Film Group! 

Your All-Access Pass Includes:

•          Admission to ALL film screenings and ALL musical performances of the One Take Film Festival April 19-22  (Note: Admission is only guaranteed until start time of show)

•          Admittance to the First Take Happy Hour at Arbor Loft

•          Admittance to the Final Take Brunch at the Little Cafe

•          Admittance to the Virtual Reality Garden

Individual Film Tickets are $11 each — $7 for seniors/students/members of the Little & The Rochester Documentary Film Group. Tickets are limited so don’t wait long to buy yours!

See you there friends. Keep up on our posts by visiting my Instagram page.


Shinji Kazama w/ Yellowstone Apocalypse, Skylark Lounge

I played a show with Yellowstone Apocalypse at Skylark Lounge on April 8th, and it was amaze. Yellowstone Apocalypse is the brain child of Mike Sopka (guitar) and Joe Tomino (drums/sampler). These cats are well trained, beastly musicians, and stellar people. My new project is called Shinji Kazama, and we opened the show. It was a great thing! Jay Rodgers ( guitar), Neil Polanski (guitar), and Ike Armstrong (bass), with myself on drums. We consider the music to be stoner rock/metal, but we are branching out into many new styles, and writing together as a collective. Be on the lookout for this group!

Shinji Kazama - Gremlies - Live at Skylark, 4/8/17

Your Mom's House Episode 366

Friends! Your Mom's House, the bestest podcast on the web, played another song I wrote for the show! It's at the beginning of episode 366, just click here. I am so humbled and honored to be featured on my favorite podcast! Please check out Your Mom's House if you haven't already.